Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today's story comes from the far Northeast corner of New Mexico just outside of Clayton. As I drove toward the rising sun the oddity of snow covered cactus struck me. So, it was picture time.

I pulled well off the road into the shallow snow and grabbed the camera. Walking back several hundred feet I saw the picture that you see here:

After snapping the picture I walked South on the road in the direction of town. As I walked a driver in a pickup pulled up beside me and asked, "Trouble?"

I realized he had stopped because he saw my car off the side of the road and that I was walking to town. I smiled and held up the camera and stated, "Just taking some pictures." He spoke to me in Spanish and I guessed he spoke little English so I pointed to the camera and said, "No problemo." Waving and smiling he went on driving.

I found a dead coyote in the snow. (Yes I took a picture, it is to gross for publication here.) It was partially eaten and there were wallows dished out in the snow where some animal family or pack had been eating. As soon as that picture was taken a small S-10 type pickup came to a stop on the road bed. Windows were rolled down and a couple spoke at the same time, "Car slide off the road? Need some help?" I thanked them for stopping and told the story of the unusual snow drifts and cacti combination. They replied, "Oh, we see that all the time. Good luck." I turned again to the pictures waiting to be captured.

Click, Click, Click. Then I discovered a truck at a distance was slowing. Being somewhat flippant I decided to get in the first word. So, as soon as the window started down, I turned and said, "High is there anything I can do to help you? Are you having a problem? Need directions?"

The man behind the wheel caught the smile in my voice and the twinkle in my eye and then he replied, "No, just carin' for my neighbor."

I looked to heaven a said out loud, "Lord, I got the message." We talked for a few minutes about the blizzard that went through the area the previous day and the number of stranded people and the fact that most people in this part of the world know what it is like to need a pull, push or a helping hand.

When I got back in my car, I heard, "Who is my neighbor?" Followed by, "No, just carin' for my neighbor" This went on for the next 50 miles and I rejoiced that the last driver was my neighbor. His words about the blizzard had made my flip manner seem small and reminded of the need I have for people to love and be loved by. I felt touched by kindness and blessed to know people do care for this stranger.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

So often in this trip the views, moments, and work have all been able to take place in country that lifts the spirit. See pictures:
This is the Mogillon Rim. The rim is the edge of the Colorado Plateau. The night I spent here in the middle of more Ponderosa Pine than I have ever seen, the low temp was 22 and the wind kept the tops of the trees whispering all night. The sound touched something in the back of my mind -- I could not understand what the sound was tapping.

The next day while walking the trail I found a flat rock. It was to inviting to pass so like a snake sunning itself I stretched out and let my spirit listen. The voice of the Holy Spirit provided me with peace and the key to the whispering pine trees. For, God the Holy Spirit brought my daughters face to mind and the sound was the sound of satin over crinoline in a young woman's white wedding dress as she danced with her father. His one and only dance in 40 years. Her name was Erika and it was a good dance.

Erika's smile took me to my family. There are two wonderful children born to my life and they have been blessed with extraordinary mates, friends to love and with whom to live this adventure. I am assured of love for Jessica and Joshua, my children by marriage. I am at peace to know all my children as friends. I am blessed. Daily I pray for each couple to grow old together and enjoy God's presence every day. Both couples are parents of a child that has captured the deep place of my heart. Amelia smiles and I could sit and watch her without pause. JP is simply a joy who lights the room with his laughter.

I want my children and generations beyond to live for God. Diane hoped for me to be a Godly influence on the generations she would not see. What better life can be had than to fulfill the promise I gave to Diane to live as Christ before the children. I know I will be imperfect, having so many human foibles and frailties but the work done today with God affirms that He will be in charge and all I need to do is Love God and then the children with my all. I will do that.

I am headed home. From the desert scapes to the wheat fields the miles will pass and just so will the miles affirm the path that is the desire of my heart. See you soon.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

On the far right side of this picture is the Salt River. Persistently the river has moved along carrying little bits of the mountains with it. Now the sight will cause a chatch in your breath. I wonder if there is a sermon illustration in there?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Note the ball exploding out of Zach's hand. Three out of four innings tonight were vintage Zach. The fourth inning he seemed to be working only on off speed stuff with no fast balls. That inning he was hit several times and gave up 3 runs. In the season i feel he will have a better mix and he looks smooth.
Speaking of ball -- the blur flying into Gordon's ribs is the ball. Alex dropped the bat and took several deep breathes before walking to 1st. He stayed in the game and moved with no problems.

This is Jacob's at bat. He laced the ball to right center and looked good doing it. There was a head in the next picture I took when Mike contacted the ball so trust me -- it was squared up and driven.
As long as I am on a Alex Gordon kick, here he is running to the out field. It was a long run and he arrived at the ball by sliding face first. He was going full speed. The boy is playing hard and looks relaxed.

Now for the spiritual stuff, today's work was/is built around trust. As of this moment the thought is not finished and polished so it is hard to state clearly. See if you can help me. I am highly suggestible at this time.

I learned to repeat the verse, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to thine own understanding," as a child. There have been times during the last 9 months that Psalm 37 seemed filled with words I could not feel, understand or choose; and yet, the Comforter seemed to constantly call me to its words. Jesus was saying trust in Me when He stated, "I go to prepare a place for you... many mansions..." I have seen Diane in heaven with her mom and dad praising God in my prayers. I know her trust in God was complete. And yet trust carries more depth than mear acceptance of His signage.

As I work my way through aloneness I have come to a heart place. In this place only God and I sit together. God and I honestly listen and speak to each other. This is my garden walk with God in the cool of the day; after the burning tears have released my spirit to tender touch.

In this place is trust. And for me it is not good enough to accept God's will and plan for my future -- though, yes I do accept. Praying through, this is when I have loving desire only for God's will, is doorway to trust. Regardless of the direction or implications of God's desire for me, my motive are devoid of want for anything outside of God's sight. Accepting God's will is receiving; desiring God's will is seeking. I am actively seeking, knowing nothing else matters.

In the midst of all the answers God has already given I choose to seek more, even more.
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And now for some baseball! Recently, two wonderful people from work called and sang the national anthem, "Take me out to the ball game. Take..." It will not be long!

I watched several players in practice and game situations. And --- I ammmm ready for the season today. Let's go Royals!

Okay, so that's a little over the top, yet, there are some good things happening. David DeJesus is settling in to a comfort level at the 2-3 slot.

Mark Teahan is stroking the ball well and seems content to show the manager he is able to be one of the tallest second basemen, utility men, ever. So far, no glaring problems. A word of caution: I have yet to see a double play in game conditions for Mark. He has handled the routine plays acceptably. So, with his stick on fire he is saying to everyone, "Got'a play me."

Mark continues to run the bases well, even stealing bases. Good jumps are being taught in camp and I look for improvements.

I know, it is only spring. I know we have holes. I know the pitching has not rounded into form. I am afraid of the Ponson experiment.

For the #5 starter -- I can not see a contender at this point, pitching, pitching, pitching.

Right now I see a .500 team, I'll rejoice with that level of improvement.

On 3/23/09 my chart is:
  • C-Olivio, B. Pena -- John Buck is being showcased and with the lack of catching and game management. Buck's batting this spring may create enough interest to get some help in the bull pen.
  • 1st: Jacobs, Gload -- Everyone else elsewhere.
  • 2nd: Bloomquist, Callaspo
  • 3rd: Gordon
  • SS: Aviles
  • Left: DeJesus
  • Center: Crisp, Maier
  • Right: Guillen
  • DH: Butler
  • Super Sub: Teahan, 500 bats at every position on the field except pitcher.
  • Bull Pen: Soria, Mahay, Farnsworth, Tejeda, Cruz
  • Starting 5:
  • 1 Meche, 2 Greinke, 3 Davies, 4 Hochevar, 5:-)
  • Presently on the Roster -- I don't expect them to be on the team opening day:
  • John Buck, traded
  • Shealy, trade away, give away, or cut
  • Costa, AAAA player
  • One pitching spot is available for: Bale, Bannister, Peralta, Ramirez, and Waecher. None have earned the position at this time.
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

These mountains are the last stop before Mexico and the Border Patrol had roadway stop points and lookouts posted often.

This is the fruit on a Teddy Bear cactus. Don't know if it is a munchy or no, but it is pretty.

Some thoughts are both pointed and fun. When taking a picture always check the background and ask yourself, "Do i really want that growing out of my head?" Sometimes YES.

A Day with Friends

I enjoy being with people; understanding living that brings newness of life. Privileged to spend the day with friends, Jim and Marni Polly I was blessed physically and spiritually as Jim drove in the Sonora Desert while my car issues continued. What a blessing to see a young couple in love and caring for each other with grace.

Jim is a friend I had not yet met until this trip. A friend waiting to happen. A carpenter, construction leader, developing minister and christian. He has the gift of extending God's grace by presence and insight.

Marni, a childhood friend who is a sister. Singer and song writer Marni has matured into a strong woman of God that I think may have books unwritten in her soul.

To say I am blessed by my time with the Polly family would only show my ability to state the obvious -- yet in grace the smile on my lips reaches to spiritual peace -- I am blessed.